6 Wedding Cake Trends in 2020

For those with a sweet tooth, selecting the perfect wedding cake for one’s wedding can prove to be one of the favorite aspects of the wedding planning process. Cake taste-testing can be a fun and exciting outing for the bride and groom while also providing them with the opportunity to include family and friends that may otherwise be excluded (or uninterested) in other wedding planning (ahem…dads, siblings).  After all, who does not love cake?!  While the taste-testing event can be lots of fun for all, there is still some careful decision making to be made by the married couple to-be.  Wedding planners suggest having much of your wedding details ironed out prior to your cake testing.  Knowing in advance what your wedding venue, theme, colors, guest list, and budget will be will result in a smoother wedding cake selection process.  For example, if your wedding is going to be outdoors, you will want to ensure that your cake will have a melt-free frosting!   Or if your venue is extra-large, you will want a cake (or cakes) to fit the scale of the venue.  In addition, you may want cake flavors that are more season-appropriate.  And what about guest dietary restrictions?  And will there be other desserts available for guests?  Once you are firm on your wedding details, you are then ready to schedule those taste-testing consultations.  Yummmm!!  To help you get started, here are some of the wedding cake design trends for the 2019-2010 wedding year.

#1. Single Tiered Wedding Cake Centerpieces.

What an amazing idea! More and more bride and grooms are choosing to have several, single-tiered cakes (tiers, not layers) as opposed to one, grand cake display. And what a wonderful plan! Several, single-tiered cakes can result in several, small works of art, thus, creating artistic interest and variety to the wedding reception. Think of it as an art gallery with cakes! Several, smaller cakes can allow for a smorgasbord (quite, literally) of colors, textures, styles, dimensions, and best of all…flavors!! Check out these wedding photos below from a winter wedding where the bride and groom chose to use individual cakes (and flavors) on amber glass cake stands as dinner table centerpieces. What a magnificent conversation-starter!

#2. Painted, Air-Brushed, or Decal-ed Cakes.

While “air-brushed” or “decal-ed” cakes may evoke thoughts of one’s local grocery store bakery or of a high school graduation cake, today’s painted or air-brushed cakes are truly sophisticated works of art. With the cake being their canvas, wedding cake designers, can create, quite literally, any type of individualized art or design onto your wedding cake. The options of colors and designs are endless as proven with the wedding cake below that was served at a recent, outdoor, Colorado, Rocky Mountain destination wedding.

 #3.  Black Wedding Cakes.

While the initial thought of a dark wedding cake may be shocking to some, they can be a beautiful alternative for the not-so-traditional bride and groom.  These elegant cakes can be topped with either buttercream or fondant icing and can create somewhat of a blank canvas to create some gorgeous and dramatic designs.  Black can create a bold contrast to any color or any metallic.  Glance at the photographs of the wedding cakes below for some unique and inspiring ideas.

#4.  Cakes decorated with Greenery. 

Decorating cakes with fresh flowers and other foliage and greenery continue to be on-trend in cake design for the 2020-21 wedding year.  While wedding décor trends continue to lean toward “bringing the outdoors in,” wedding cakes are the perfect accessory for creating an atmosphere that is warm, soft, and romantic.  Wedding cake designers are using greenery found in nature to adorn the tops, sides, bottoms, and even between the layers of wedding cakes.  Take a peek at these wedding photos of these beautifully, nature-inspired cakes!

 #6. Cakes with Unique Geometric Shapes and Geometric Tiles.

Gone are the days where wedding cakes consist of the traditional, round layers. Wedding planners report that a growing trend in the area of wedding cake design is the mixing up of different shaped tiers. By combining shapes, sizes, heights, and designs of each tier within a wedding cake, the designer can add interest and individuality resulting in one beautiful wedding cake!

#7.  Non-Cake Cakes. 

When it comes to wedding cakes, some bride and grooms are a bit bored by the whole idea of a wedding cake. In their minds, it is a bit, “been there, done that.” Yet they recognize that most guests wait in anticipation for the traditional cake-cutting ceremony and the very strange, but sweet, ritual of smearing cake in their partners’ faces. And, after all, it is often the cue to guests that it is time to transition from dinner to party!  With that in mind, more and more bride and grooms are selecting to forgo the traditional wedding cake option to replace it with a more unique or personalized after-dinner wedding treat.  And why not?  Choosing to offer a one-of-a-kind “wedding cake” will no doubt leave a lasting impression on each guest.  The sky is the limit when designing your one-of-a-kind “wedding cake!”