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Translucent Wedding Details


Love, love, love this idea! Decorating with translucent details is a new trend in wedding design. Translucent materials can be used in anything from the wedding ceremony to the reception celebration. Wedding design that is “see-through” creates a magnificent impact but without appearing to visually overwhelming. Wedding decor can often get too busy between the decor and the wedding essentials; however, translucent details such as plates, table numbers, or even guest chairs can create an elegance and impact while minimizing the busyiness of the decor, thus allowing […]

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6 Things to Look for in a Wedding Photographer


So…you have narrowed down your list of wedding photographers. The remaining photographers on your list have met all of your general wedding photog expectations: they suit your budget, they have glowing reviews on all of the bridal websites, you love their sample work, AND they are available on your wedding day! Eureka! So, how do you choose? How do you select that one photographer that will best tell your wedding story? When perusing photographers sample work, you may want to ask yourself the following questions to assist […]

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6 Stunning Wedding Palettes for 2020-2021

Choosing the wedding color theme for one’s wedding can be both an exciting but extremely daunting task.  After all, there are SO many options from which to choose, AND  it dictates all of one’s wedding planning decisions moving forth.  The good news is that the wedding color trends for this year are on target to be a wonderful smorgasbord with many choices from which to choose.  The sky is the limit!  Many of the familiar shades from 2018-2019 continue to be popular like the muted shades of […]

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8 Trends in Wedding Decor

Now that the wedding venue has been secured and the wedding colors have been chosen, it is time to plan the wedding décorations!  Hooray!  The wedding décor is that one aspect of wedding planning that many brides innately look forward to, in fact, many of them have anticipated it since…well, forever.  While wedding décor continues to get more and more creative and truly “anything goes” in the decoration arena, more bride and grooms are using the wedding ornaments to express their personalities and interests as a couple.  […]

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5 Top Trends in Bridal Hairstyles

Perhaps running second only to the selection of the wedding gown itself, the choice of  the bridal hairstyle is probably the single most important wedding fashion decision that will speak to and will reflect the personal style and personality of the bride-to-be herself. One may even dare to say that the bride’s coif can set the mood and tone of the entire wedding.  Before you scoff at the idea that a simple hairstyle can possess that much power, consider the example of Megan Markle, the Princess of […]

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6 Wedding Cake Trends

For those with a sweet tooth, selecting the perfect wedding cake for one’s wedding can prove to be one of the favorite aspects of the wedding planning process. Cake taste-testing can be a fun and exciting outing for the bride and groom while also providing them with the opportunity to include family and friends that may otherwise be excluded (or uninterested) in other wedding planning (ahem…dads, siblings).  After all, who does not love cake?!  While the taste-testing event can be lots of fun for all, there is […]

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5 Stunning Wedding Ring Trends

Choosing the perfect wedding ring that will be the perfect expression of a couple’s love and devotion, can be an overwhelming task.  It seems that the options are endless!  This is precisely why expert jewelers recommend allowing plenty of time to shop for that perfect wedding band!  As with any fashion, trends come and go, so experts strongly encourage every ring shopper to due his or her due diligence by examining all of  the options available while maintaining the goal of carefully combining the traditional with the […]

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Summer & Winter Wedding Destinations

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While destination weddings are not for every bride and groom, more and more adventurous bride and grooms are choosing to wed outside of their familiar, near-to-home surroundings.  Formerly, destination weddings typically involved flying the wedding party to some exotic, tropical beach location; however, the contemporary bride and groom of today are choosing to get hitched in other much more unique settings that are more meaningful to them as a couple.  Below are some popular mid-western (and a bit surrounding) settings for your destination wedding! #1. Rocky Mountain […]

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6 Amazing Wedding Venue Inspirations

Gone are the days where weddings and wedding receptions mean securing the reception hall at one’s local church that is around the corner.  While this is still a perfectly wonderful, desirable, and optimal setting for many brides and grooms, and one that possesses many advantages, it is no secret that many contemporary couples long to secure that special setting that sets them apart from every other bride and groom.  They long for that unique venue that not only conveys their personality as a couple, but one that […]

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7 Beautiful Wedding Dress Trends


The Bridal Fashion Week for 2019 has come and gone, and it did not disappoint. If you love the classic style of Audrey Hepburn and other mid-century classic beauties, you will love the new bridal designs of 2019. The spring bridal runway offered many new twists to some classic, retro designs. Mid-century elements such as bows, belts, capes, sleeves, feathers, fringe, metallic, and other embellishments are giving a dramatic flare while giving a nod to the past. Check out some of these top 2019 nostalgic trends for […]

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