5 Stunning Wedding Ring Trends in 2020

Choosing the perfect wedding ring that will be the perfect expression of a couple’s love and devotion, can be an overwhelming task.  It seems that the options are endless!  This is precisely why expert jewelers recommend allowing plenty of time to shop for that perfect wedding band!  As with any fashion, trends come and go, so experts strongly encourage every ring shopper to due his or her due diligence by examining all of  the options available while maintaining the goal of carefully combining the traditional with the contemporary.  This will help to eliminate the chance of one falling into the “too trendy trap.”  Check out these photos for some popular ring ideas below that are some amazing examples of blending some new, modern styles with some ever-timeless styles.

#1.  Unique Shape Diamonds.

One thing that we can count on in wedding rings this year, is the vast array of the shapes of the diamonds and stones that will adorn each wedding finger!  Today’s contemporary bride has quite a selection of shapes and cuts of diamonds in which to choose.  As if choosing that special ring was not difficult enough!  Some of the more popular shapes that are resurfacing in 2020-21 are the pear-shaped diamond, as well as the oval, round, and the art deco-inspired emerald cut.  However, wedding ring designers report that these timeless shapes are more likely to be given a contemporary twist by personalizing or by adding special and individualized, custom touches resulting in unique, one-of-a-kind rings for one-of-a-kind brides.

#2.  Three-Stone Settings.

Jewelers report that wedding ring sets with three stones are trending for this bridal year, and we probably have Megan Markle to thank for that (see above picture).  Although the Princess of Sussex has helped to make this design popular, the three-stone design is actually a very traditional design that was adorned by many brides in the 1950s and 60s. Three-stone settings, which some say, symbolize the “past, present, and future,” are predicted to take on more popularity this year.  Jewelers also predict that brides will use the three-stone design to make it uniquely their own by adding unique colors, shapes, and other designs to surround and augment this traditional setting.

#3. Stacked Settings.

Stacked rings of any kind are all of the rage in 2020-21; just check out the fingers of any Hollywood starlet for proof.  And wedding sets are no exception.  Stacked wedding rings are a beautiful way for brides to display their one-of-a-kind love story.  Stacked rings allow brides to mix colors, stones, sizes, textures, metal, and designs according to their own preferences and to their own wedding story.  This romantic ring concept allows brides not only to mix things up with their wedding set before and during their wedding but also long after their  wedding nuptials. Some brides  are opting to add a band to celebrate their first and subsequent landmark years of marriage.  What an amazingly, beautiful idea!  Who would argue with more jewelry?  This would certainly alleviate the chance of getting a bit bored of your wedding set after 20+ years of marriage!  The stacked setting is also a terrific option for the bride and groom on a budget.  A couple may choose to start simply, but elegantly, creating a canvas to build upon throughout their marriage.   

#4.  Unique Colored Stones.

Move over dazzling, transparent diamonds.  Colored diamonds are here to stay!  And aren’t we glad?  The color choices in diamonds and cuts are as varied as colors in the rainbow!  Colored diamonds are created when Mother Nature causes chemical impurities or defects in the structure of the stone to turn the hues of an otherwise colorless diamond a different shade.  Thus making them unique, one-of-a-kind stones.  The darker the colored diamond, the more value it adds.  While there is a vast array of colored diamonds for the contemporary bride, some of the more trending shades tend to be brown (chocolate or cognac or champagne), blue, pink, and even gray.

#5. Yellow Gold and Rose Gold.

When one mentions the color “gold,” thoughts of fine jewelry in hues of yellow are brought to mind; however, this fine metal, that has been used in wedding rings for thousands of years, comes in more shades than the standard yellow-gold.  While silver and other white metal settings have been the primary metal of choice for the past couple of decades, present day brides are turning back toward yellow gold and rose gold in their choice of wedding sets resulting in a beautiful combination of the traditional with the contemporary.  When choosing the perfect setting for their wedding rings,  the soon-to-be bride and groom should consider their skin tones, if at all possible.  Rose gold, a popular trend in the Victorian period, complements all skin tones, while yellow gold, which dates back to ancient kings and queens, tends to flatter darker or olive skin tones. Maybe this is why Cleopatra enjoyed surrounding herself in gold?