5 Top Trends in Bridal Hairstyles in 2020

Perhaps running second only to the selection of the wedding gown itself, the choice of  the bridal hairstyle is probably the single most important wedding fashion decision that will speak to and will reflect the personal style and personality of the bride-to-be herself. One may even dare to say that the bride’s coif can set the mood and tone of the entire wedding.  Before you scoff at the idea that a simple hairstyle can possess that much power, consider the example of Megan Markle, the Princess of Sussex. There seemed to “much ado” regarding the relaxed, loose, and dare one say, “messy” hairstyle of the royal bride which seemed to leave many to wonder about the disconnect between the relaxed up-do with the formality of the royal event. But then again, wasn’t that the point?  It seemed that Megan was whispering to the world, “This is me; this is who I really am; and this is who I will always be.” The result: a sweet, authentic wedding for a Princess.  With this in mind, check out some of these trending bridal hair designs.  Which most speaks to who you are?

#1.  Bridal Hair Accessories.

#2.   A Low, Messy Bun with Loose Strands of Hair.

This “intentionally unstructured” hairstyle (a phrase that has been used to describe Megan Markle, the Princess of Sussex’s bridal hairstyle as previously mentioned) creates an effortless, more natural appearance for the bride. While the “messy look” is not for every bride, it can be the perfect style for the bride that desires a more relaxed, natural and everyday feel. The bride that dons this hairstyle is more likely to desire a look that expresses her every day style and personality. Some brides do not wish to have a perfectly-coifed look if that is not their typical style. Instead, they prefer to resemble their true selves on their wedding day only in a much more elevated and stunning way! Take a peek at some of these “messy looks” above for some creative hair inspiration.

#3. Twisted Hair Designs .

The contemporary bride of 2020-21 is very likely to include some type of twist, or twists, in her bridal hairstyle. Twists are hot in bridal hair this year! Whether you are a bride that desires more of a sleek up-do or a bride that prefers her hair flowing in the breeze, a simple twist (or more) can be incorporated into the hair design to elicit romance, surprise, and originality in the overall bridal hair design. While some bridal hairstyles may incorporate several twists, some bridal hair designs may include only one twist for impact. Check out some of these bridal “twists” above!

#4.  Long Hair with Loose, Soft Waves of Curl and Half-Ups and Half-Downs.

For brides with longer locks (or those who enjoy a good extension or two), the loose, relaxed curl is perfect for the bride who wants to be elegant and romantic, yet natural, on her wedding day.  The concept of pulling half of the hair up while leaving half down is trending amongst modern brides as well.  For some brides, the idea of a sleek, up-do may not at all be appealing to them since it is so far from their every day look.  For some, long and loose curls and waves are a way to look elegant and elevated, but yet, still look like their familiar, but beautiful, selves.  Long, loose hair can suit a variety of wedding gown styles.  Flowing locks can complement any style ranging from the classic and refined look of a ballgown to the more relaxed and ethereal look of a bohemian-style dress.

#5.  Sleek Ponytails.

For the bride who prefers a very clean, sleek and fly-away-free look, ,not-to-mention one that will stay out of her eyes, a tight and stream-lined ponytail may be the perfect style for her special day.  Contemporary ponytails, for the longer-haired bride (or again, one with good hair extensions) can be secured high or low on the back of the head to achieve a sophisticated, sleek, and completely modern look as she exchanges her vows.  The perfect “pony” is typically secured by a knot of hair or by a special and personalized accessory or hair embellishment.  Check out these stunning bridal ponies above!

#6.  Braids.

In past years, the bridal braid and fishtail had become synonymous with the more relaxed look of the bohemian bride; however, that trend is changing!  With the use of bridal hair embellishments and accessories, as well as with the addition of individual and personalized styling, the braid has been giving a new, one-of-a-kind and unique boost to the modern and current bride.    Whether low and loose or whether high and sleek, the bridal braids and tails of today can be as varied and individual as the bride herself as depicted in these images above.