8 Trends in Wedding Decor in 2020

Now that the wedding venue has been secured and the wedding colors have been chosen, it is time to plan the wedding décorations!  Hooray!  The wedding décor is that one aspect of wedding planning that many brides innately look forward to, in fact, many of them have anticipated it since…well, forever.  While wedding décor continues to get more and more creative and truly “anything goes” in the decoration arena, more bride and grooms are using the wedding ornaments to express their personalities and interests as a couple.  Check out some of these 2020-21 wedding décor trends for some inspiration and starting points for your special day!

#1.  Translucent Details.

Love, love, love this idea! Decorating with translucent details is a new trend in wedding design. Translucent materials can be used in anything from the wedding ceremony to the reception celebration. Wedding design that is “see-through” creates a magnificent impact but without appearing to visually overwhelming. Wedding decor can often get too busy between the decor and the wedding essentials; however, translucent details such as plates, table numbers, or even guest chairs can create an elegance and impact while minimizing the busyiness of the decor, thus allowing one’s eye to focus on the central point with the most impact.

#2.  Metallics.

Shiny metals are back in every area of design! And weddings are no exception to that rule. From the wedding invitations, to the bridal party fashions, to the flatware on the dinner tables, one can expect to see some shimmer in the contemporary wedding. The beauty of a metallic is its natural ability to complement any color palette and in any season. The organic beauty of a warm, glowing gold, or a cool, reflective silver, highlights any and all wedding design and décor. Check out the above images for some shimmery inspiration!

#3.  Neon Signs and Statement Signs.

Statement signs continue to be a popular trend among those planning their weddings; however, they are as unique as ever for the 2020-21 wedding year. What an original way to personalize your wedding reception with these eye-catching lights. While they can be a bit pricey, they are easy to order and purchase on Etsy.com. These festive lights are a definite way to add originality and character and a little fun to the bride and groom’s special day while also providing them with a keepsake that will last a lifetime.

#4.  Taper Candles.

After a bit of a hiatus, the taper candles are back! These historical candles create such a dramatic and romantic flare to any occasion. The beauty of the taper candle is the ease of them. This cost-efficient candle makes it easy to purchase them in bulk and in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Because they are inexpensive, you can get so much more bang for your buck. You can light entire venue with these dreamy accessories on a dime. Taper candles allow for a great deal of creativity and beauty as well by allowing the mixing and matching of candlestick holders, hurricane glass, and lanterns. This is a great opportunity to dig through the grandma’s hope chests for candle holders to add some nostalgia to your special day. Be sure to check with your venues to determine their open flame policies.

#5.  Balloon Décor.

Balloon décor…talk about your “wow factor!” What a unique and amazing twist to an old idea! Balloon garlands are a great addition to any festivity. These pieces of art combine floral arrangements with an artistic combination of colored balloons, shapes, and textures to create a stunning design and an impressive impact to any space. These designs can be purchased in kits online. They can be assembled 1-2 days prior to your event and are assembled with relative ease. Check out Etsy.com for some balloon décor inspiration!

#6.  Velvet.

With a mid-century nod to the 1960’s, velvet is becoming a beautiful addition to many wedding celebrations.  While velvet is often considered a heavy, wintery fabric, the emergence of colorful, festive, and lighter-weight velvet is allowing this versatile fabric to become appropriate for any wedding regardless of its season.  While some wedding planners choose velvet as a central theme of their wedding décor (i.e. table linens), others are choosing a more subtle approach by using one or two pieces velvet to make an impactful statement (i.e. velvet-covered love seat).

#7.  Bringing the Outdoors In.

There is no better decorator than Mother Nature. Period. The natural palettes and organic beauty of the outdoors is what inspires designers and decorators of every genre. For those bride and grooms that love the idea of a nature-inspired, romantic wedding, but fear the weather-related risks of an outdoor wedding, bringing the “outdoors in” is the perfect solution. The exquisite beauty of nature can make even the simplest of venues a feast for the eyes.

#8.  Dramatic Lighting.

Not that dramatic lighting is a novel idea to wedding décor, but what continues to be novel about wedding lighting is the unique and creative ways that couples continue to revolutionize lighting at their weddings. From the ceremony, to the reception, and yes, even to the send-offs, it seems that couples can never have enough lighting on their special day. Check out the images above as well as the images of the lighted signs and taper candles below for some “illuminating” inspiration.