6 Trending Wedding Flowers in 2020

Choosing the wedding flowers for one’s wedding can be one of the most exciting tasks for a bride; however, it can also be one of the most daunting.  After all, there are SO many options from which to choose.  The types of sizes, colors, styles, combinations, and costs of flowers that Mother Nature has created seems to be endless!  Although the task of selecting the perfect flowers can be an overwhelming one, the wedding flowers, while subtly, are a vital part of the wedding celebration; one that not only helps to create the mood and atmosphere of all the festivities, but also serves as the backdrop of every photo and festivity of the bride and groom’s most special day.  Read on for tips and ideas and trends to keep in mind during the flower-picking process!

#1 Shades of Corals. 

There are a few new trends on the horizon in wedding flowers. “Living Coral” was selected as the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year and the trend continues into 2020, which means that you can expect to see various hues of orange and pinkish-orange in ALL areas of art, home décor, tech gadgets, fashion and in all other areas of design with wedding flowers being no exception. Inspired by nature, coral tones tend to create a warm, comfortable, and joyful mood to every event.  And what exactly is the color “coral?”   If you were to ask ten people to describe the color coral, you would likely get ten very different responses.  The color coral, much like its namesakes of the sea, can vary greatly.  Since it is inspired by nature, this warm, but vivid color, can range from pale pinks and peaches to hints of orange to much brighter reddish-oranges.  Check out some of these gorgeous coral-inspired bouquets that will really turn heads and leave a lasting impact!

 #2.  Neutral Pallets. 

While vibrant colors are still popular in wedding flowers, many brides are beginning to prefer more neutral or muted pallets in their bridal flowers while using unexpected pops of accent color elsewhere in the wedding ceremony or reception to create drama.  Floral designers report that more brides are opting for neutral or monochromatic bouquets creating more of a blank canvas with their floral arrangements. Bold, bright, and busy bouquets can distract from the bride during the ceremony and in photo ops.  A more neutral pallet in a bridal bouquet, on the other hand, enhances the beauty of the bride rather than competes with it!

 #3. Airy Designs and Add-Ins from Nature.

A recent trend in wedding flowers is to substitute flowers with greenery and other add-ins from nature. Using natural elements in bouquets can create a light, airy, romantic design while giving this contemporary bouquet more texture, dimension, and interest. Floral designers make use of some favored floral add-ins such as wheat, bear grass, seeded eucalyptus, silver-dollar eucalyptus, ivy, berries, bells of Ireland, Italian ruscus, scabiosa pods, and the gorgeous hanging amaranthus. This additional texture and dimension helps to create a one-of-a-kind bridal bouquet. See the images below for ideas and inspiration for your bouquet! You cannot go wrong by relying on the beauty, color, and texture of raw, Mother Nature at her best!

#4. Popular Flowers for Bouquets: Ranunculus, Peonies, Calla Lilies, Dahlias, and Protea. 

Floral designers report that ranunculus, peonies, calla lilies, and dahlias continue to be very popular in bridal bouquets. These flowers are very versatile due to the variety of colors in which they can be found. Due to their vast color and volume, these floral beauties can be used for the bolder, bridal bouquets, or conversely, for the more monochromatic or muted bouquet. These stunners will not disappoint by adding immense boosts of interest, texture, and beauty to every small or large bouquet! Check out these examples below!

#5.  Floral Backdrops and Garlands. 

Floral designs are making a comeback as popular wedding backdrops.  However, the current trend in wedding backdrops is not the traditional arch-shape from years past.  In fact, this year’s wedding photos may reveal floral “arches” that are rectangular, circular, or even hexagonal.  Some are created by natural elements like tree branches while some are created with other elements like metal or finished wood.  Floral garlands are also being used as a beautiful, natural substitute for the traditional wedding arch.  Check out some of these images found on Etsy.com for ideas for your “I do” backdrops!

#6.  Bouquet Floral Rings.  

One gorgeous alternative to the traditional bridal and bridesmaid bouquet has become the floral hoop.  This bohemian or rustic-style twist to a bouquet, provides a unique, romantic twist to wedding party flowers.  They can be personalized with meaningful flowers, ribbons, and natural add-ins.  And the best advantage to the bridal hoop is that it can be carried in the crook of the arm freeing up both hands during the ceremony and photo ops!  A unique idea for a one-of-a-kind, unique bride!