6 Beautiful Wedding Dress Trends in 2020

The Bridal Fashion Week for 2020 has come and gone, and it did not disappoint. If you love the classic style of Audrey Hepburn and other mid-century classic beauties, you will love the new bridal designs of 2020. The spring bridal runway offered many new twists to some classic, retro designs. Mid-century elements such as bows, belts, sleeves, feathers, fringe, metallic, and other embellishments are giving a dramatic flare while giving a nod to the past. Check out some of these top 2020 nostalgic trends for some novel and unique ideas for your special day!

#1. Bows, belts, and more bows! 

Whether the bow is small or large or whether it is attached at the front, back, shoulder, waist, or used as a train, bows are an elegant addition to any gown often giving an Audrey Hepburn feel.  And who doesn’t love to look like the gorgeous and classy Audrey Hepburn?  Who knew that attaching a bow could add such drama and class to a bridal gown?  Simple silhouettes can be given be dramatic impact with the addition of a bow or a belt.  Get inspired by some of these ideas for the use of bows and belts for your wedding gown.

#2. Dramatic sleeves.

Whether full or form-fitting, short or long, the Spring Bridal Week consisted of many dramatic sleeves.  It is all about drama in the sleeves for the upcoming year.  Some sleeves can even be removed  for a quick-change for a second look at the reception (see below). Genius!  Gowns with sleeves can create an elegance and sophistication. Typically consisting of lace or crepe, sleeves can provide volume and drama in all the right places often giving the gown some classic design with a bit of edge.  Take a peek at these stunning bridal sleeves.

#4. Touches of Color.

Do not be surprised by bridal gowns with touches of color for the 2020-21 bride. More and more brides are beginning to break tradition from the standard white and ivory dress. Very pale pinks and blush-colored bridal gowns or colored appliques are trending for the brides of 2019 juxtaposing the soft and traditional with the contemporary and bold. And speaking of bold, some daring designers have even experimented with tie-dyed gowns!  Now that is out-of-the-box!  This is definitely a gorgeous option for the contemporary but less than traditional type of bride!  Take a peek at some of these less than traditional gowns above for some very modern and new ideas.

#5. Fringe and Flowers and Pearls.

Appliques of fringe and flowers and pearls and metallics are a unique way to add interest and originality to the 2020-21 bridal gown. These appliques provide dimension and texture, and sometimes color, while presenting a unique, one-of-a-kind look for the bride who really wants to make a statement on her wedding day. These elements are found on wide arrays of gowns from the bohemian-style gown, to the classic ball-gown, or to the more contemporary fitted gown.  These dresses certainly have a wow-factor that will definitely create a memorable impact in all of those wedding photos!

#6. Full Skirts and Ball Gowns.

While full, ballgown bridal skirts never truly go out-of-style, there will be a resurgence of the traditional full skirt. In fact, bridal experts predict that there will be more voluminous, full-skirted bridal gowns on the wedding alters than fitted ones in 2019. This classic, romantic style never seems to go leave us and is always a desired look for many brides. This is definitely the type of gown that can be shared with one’s future generations (or daughters) of brides due to their classic and timeless look!  Check out these full gowns!