6 Amazing Wedding Venue Inspirations

Gone are the days where weddings and wedding receptions mean securing the reception hall at one’s local church that is around the corner.  While this is still a perfectly wonderful, desirable, and optimal setting for many brides and grooms, and one that possesses many advantages, it is no secret that many contemporary couples long to secure that special setting that sets them apart from every other bride and groom.  They long for that unique venue that not only conveys their personality as a couple, but one that offers a celebration as individual and memorable as they are as a pair.  And it is because of this sentiment that the modern wedding industry is booming.  And it is because of this sentiment, that the newly engaged couple has so very many styles of venues in which to choose.  Scroll below for some wedding venue considerations and inspirations!

#1.  Rural Barn Settings.

While wedding planners report a drop in the number of rustic weddings for 2020, less rustic does not mean less rural settings!   In fact, venue owners have taken it up a notch (or two) by creating beautiful atmospheres that juxtapose the rural countryside with classic and elegant interiors.   “Rural sophistication” is provided through the use of chandeliers, fine china, and other sophisticated touches that provide a traditionally beautiful, romantic vibe while holding onto the warmth and comfort of the country.  Rural settings with touches of sophistication create a classic and romantic yet cozy and comfortable atmosphere for every wedding guest. There is something about a beautiful barn that makes guests feel welcome, relaxed, and able to kick back and have the time of their life while celebrating a couple’s most special day.

#2. Rural Estate Venues.

Not only do estate venues provide beautiful surroundings for gorgeous weddings, they typically have so much more than just beauty to offer. Estate venues often provide with the venue wedding planners, caterers, wedding supplies, bride and groom accommodations, guest accommodations and so much more. Many contemporary bride and grooms are enjoying the all-inclusive weekend packages and the privacy that estate venues can offer making the planning for the wedding of their dreams a literal “piece of cake.”

Urban Settings .

While some bride and grooms continue to enjoy a sprawling, country setting for their wedding festivities, other bride and grooms are taking to the big city. Urban wedding venues such as rooftops, libraries, museums, breweries, old industrial buildings, and, yes, even the city streets themselves are combining urban flavor with traditional elements to provide wedding guests with a unique, one-of-a-kind wedding experience.

#3. Urban Industrial Buildings.

Renovated, old industrial venues in urban settings with glimpses of traditional décor create a contemporary yet nostalgic atmosphere. Beautiful mixtures of the old with the new speak to guests of every age,  often serving as great conversation starters.  Older, industrial architecture tends to speak to young, trendy guests while eliciting some sentimental memories amongst the more mature crowd.

#4. Urban Rooftops and Patios.

Urban rooftops and patios are becoming popular wedding venues due to the beautiful vistas and outdoor feel that they provide within the big city setting. Who does not enjoy a city skyline or a row of treetops for a wedding backdrop? With views like this, who needs wedding décor?  Check out the photo below of the Kalamazoo, Michigan rooftop venue, Loft 310, which provides industrial wedding spaces both indoors and out-of-doors.. Amazing!

#5. City Street Block Parties.

Can you believe that wedding block parties are becoming a trend? What an amazingly creative idea! Brides and grooms are getting city clearance (not sure how) to actually close down city blocks to provide a relaxed, community feel to their celebrations. Block parties can range from elegant and traditional to a comfortable, “back-home” feel. A block party wedding will definitely be a memorable experience for each guest involved in this type of wedding celebration! Take a peek at the photo below where they are quite literally, “dancing in the streets!”

#6. Urban libraries, museums, and other community venues.

Big city community venues often use their venues as community outreaches offering wedding packages complete with wedding planners, caterers, and wedding supplies which typically results in easier planning for the bride and groom-to-be.  City venues such as museums, breweries, old industries and libraries (below) often offer gorgeous architecture and décor which helps stretch the wedding budget further by making wedding décor less necessary. And less prep means less stress for the bride and groom!  Check out these fabulous photos below of the thriving Indianapolis, Indiana downtown and some of its awesome wedding spaces available to the public.

#7. Breweries and Wineries.

With breweries and wineries becoming so popular within the modern, urban nightlife scene, they often provide amazing settings for weddings in a city setting.  Each winery and/or brewery provides a unique, one-of-a-kind attitude which is enjoyable for the young and old alike. Often set in an industrial setting, they can be the perfect setting for the bride and groom who desire a relaxed atmosphere for their guests to “let loose.”  Breweries and wineries seem to be synonymous with fun and festivity!